The Anglo-Indian pop-up restaurant that transports you 70 years back in time.

The city is experiencing a one of a kind Anglo Indian Pop-Up Restaurant at the Radisson Blu Hotel, GRT at Airport road in their Ministry of Chutneys from the 29-15th of Dec.

The elaborate salad counter at their buffet spread

The pop-restaurant boasts of delivering authentic Anglo-Indian cuisine to your plate by renouned chef Bridget Kumar. Chef Bridget White-Kumar is a Cookery Book Author, Food Consultant and Culinary Historian. Her area of expertise is in Colonial Anglo-Indian Food and she has gone through a lot of effort in reviving the old forgotten dishes of the Colonial British Raj Era. The chef is training a group of chef’s at the Radisson and together they create a symphony of dishes for you.

The chefs who assist Chef Bridget with her spread

Chef Bridget’s dishes are all about the balance. I was fortunate to attend a master class she conducted exclusively for passionate home cooks and Chennai food folk. She quips that lesser the ingredients you add to create a harmonious balance on the plate the better your dish is going to be. Don’t be motivated to add an array of spices and eventually lose out to the authentic taste that a dish must carry. Rightfully each plate she created was just that. Expertly balanced flavour of spices and condiments with rich Anglo culture brewn into them.

The dishes are nothing like any of the cuisine you have tasted before and right out of an Anglo-Indian grandma’s kitchen. While cooking the chef narrated some interesting takes of how okrah came to be called bendicoit in an Anglo household and how bo-bo curry a popular Anglo dish gets its name from the sound of chicks loitering on the backyard. Listening to these stories brought life into each dish we tasted and elevated the whole culinary experience to a different level

Her dishes belong to that special and once in a lifetime experinece that one must simply not miss savouring!

Some of the classic dishes you will find in the spread are:

Chicken Ding-Ding ( for ye veggies there is the same dish cooked in Yam both makes one swoon) This is the Anglo take on a fried chicken but is flavoured to transport you to the Goan shores.

Chicken Ding ding

Anglo-Indian fish Croquettes are not the usual fish fingers you have. It is spiced with pepper and garlic and gives a complete mouthful experience

Classic Nana’s Bobo pepper fry ( Bobo is the Anglo name for chicken because obviously the sound ) is something one must not miss tasting. Not just for the story but the delectable flavours too

The aroma of the prawn vindaloo transported me to the malpe manglorean shores but did you know a classic vindaloo originated here in Chennai as opposed to popular belief and has nothing to do with aloo as everyone assumes.

The stellar Indian Mutton mince Ball curry is her signature dish and I was left swooning for a second serving.

Every dish has its own vegetarian counterpart with equal taste so that no one misses anything .

The desserts are just what your sweet tooth asked for. The grandma’s pudding is something I would always reccomend.

#theministryofchutneys in #radissonblu #chennai is hosting an Anglo-Indian spread specially curated by Celebrity Chef Bridget White Kumar from November 29th to December 15th and one must just not miss this.

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