Planning a vacation? Here’s why Wayand should be on your list

Deciding where to go on that much-needed vacation can be as difficult as deciding what to order on a menu — so many options to choose from! However, if it’s peace, tranquillity and abundance that you’re yearning for, there is no better destination than the pristine hill station of Wayanad, which is located in North Kerala. The easily-accessible holiday spot can be reached by air, road or rail, but there’s nothing like driving through national parks and the lush greenery of the beautiful Western Ghats. So, pack your bags and give Wayanad a chance — here are 6 reasons why…

1. Nature at its best – Step away from the hustle and bustle of city life to experience the best Mother Nature has to offer. Wayanad, which is known for its rolling hills, waterfalls, lakes and forests, is the ideal location for some time out in the open. Breathing in that crisp fresh air is therapy by itself!

2. Views like no other – Be it from the Chembra Peak, the Brahmagiri Peak or the numerous coffee and tea estates, almost everywhere you look is a picture worth taking. Stunning views of the valleys and hills make you realise how much beauty there is out there for us to wonder at. Sneak in a trek or two to take in the best views.

3. Wildlife galore – If going on safaris and spotting wildlife is your idea of a good time, then Wayanad should definitely be on your list. The rich biodiversity of this district makes Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary an ideal spot to see elephants, deer, leopards and maybe even the elusive tiger!

4. Food of the Gods – The food of Kerala is delicious, nutritious and packed with flavour. Dig into some scrumptious vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare to truly get the feel of this great state. Of course, there is a smorgasbord of global delights available for you to pick from, but we recommend going local anyday!

5. Rich is history, culture – If history, architecture and culture excite you, Wayanad has it all. Kerala-style architecture gives you a window into the state’s glorious past, while spots like the Edakkal Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will transport you to the early days of our civilization.

6. Relax and rejuvenate – Kerala and wellness go hand-in-hand. The state is known for Ayurveda, and Wayanad too is littered with spas and wellness centres. De-stress in the midst of nature and listen to what your body needs through ancient techniques and therapies that will lift your soul.

Need more reasons to visit Wayanad? We think not! You will be surprised how much you can pack into even just a three-day visit to this hill station. The best part? The weather makes it ideal to visit all-year-long. Book your stay now:

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