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We are all familiar with that feeling right before a holiday — giddy with excitement and ready to go. Your bags are packed, your itinerary is ready, and you have asked your neighbour to water your plants while you’re gone. But there’s one thing that’s worrying you — your beloved pet is going to have to go boarding while you’re away. You hate leaving him behind, but the hotel you’re staying at doesn’t accommodate pets. So, with a broken heart, you carry on without a member of your family. We understand how gut-wrenching this can feel, and so, we decided to do something about it!

Family — now here’s a word the GRT Hotels and Resorts group holds dear, so we have gone a step further to make guests feel at home by opening up our GReaT Trails properties to pets. GReaT Trails, our nature-themed properties that can be found in Yercaud, Kodaikanal, Wayanad and Thanjavur, have plenty to offer for the whole family, including your furry bestie!

Talking about this latest offering, Vikram Cotah, CEO, GRT Hotels and Groups, says, “We know how hard it can be to leave behind a part of your family while you’re on holiday. Since ‘family’ is an aspect we hold so close to our hearts, we decided that opening up the GReaT Trails properties to pets will only bring us closer to our values.”

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Diverse menu, cosy beds and more!

We ensure that our guests get to kick back in the lap of luxury and comfort, and the same has been extended to our four-legged guests too. Cosy beds, bowls, mats and delicious treats are just some ways your pet can feel like on holiday too.

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The menu card is bound to get your pet drooling. Chicken curry with rice, fish with rice and mixed vegetables with rice are just a few of the options to choose from. Dry and wet food options by some top brands are also on the menu. Pets will also get to frolic in the Pet Park for some exercise and work up an appetite before a hearty meal.

Safety first!

While relaxation and comfort are high on our list, we also put a lot of emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene. To ensure your pet doesn’t wander off and get lost, we provide tags with the owner’s name and room number. Pet parents, be sure to carry your pet’s vaccination records, de-tick records and other important details for the safety of not only other guests, but also the pet.

There are dedicated rooms to host our furry guests, and these will be cleaned and sanitised thoroughly and regularly. Not only is this in line with our stringent hygiene practices, but an important measure we are taking for those with allergies.

BOX: Tips when travelling with pets

  1. Talk to your vet – Check with your vet if your pet is okay and healthy to travel, and what precautions need to be taken.
  2. ID tags – Your pet should have an ID tag with your name and number. A microchip will ensure further safety.
  3. Records in place – Carry copies of your pet’s vaccination records and prescriptions.
  4. Favourite things – Travelling can be stressful, so ensure your pet is comfortable by carrying a favourite toy or blanket.
  5. Enough food – You may be travelling to a venue with plenty of food options, but the journey can be long. So make sure you have food and snacks ready for your pet.

Not all pets like being too far from the safety and familiarity of their houses, and travel can be distressing for them. This is why we are on a mission to make all our guests feel at home, whether they walk on two legs or four.

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