Catch Them Young And Watch Them Swim Like Fish!

For as long as we’ve known to exist on this planet, water has played the single most significant role in the development of civilisations. Look into any ancient sites and you will see tanks, baths, and water storage systems. It makes you wonder then, did our ancestors enjoy swimming as much as the modern world does? Archaeologists will tell you humans have been swimming for thousands of years – just goes to show, humans were born to swim.

The clear blue water of a swimming pool is one of the most inviting and soothing things there is, especially when it’s peak summertime. The endless benefits of swimming make it the ideal form of exercise as well as relaxation, not to mention it’s an essential skill that everybody should learn!

If your kids aren’t confident swimmers, or haven’t learnt to swim yet, here are some reasons you should make this the summer they do.

Catch Them Young

Swimming is like cycling – once you’ve learned to do it, you never forget it. Even young babies have the reflex to hold their breath and open their eyes underwater. Learning to swim early on is learning an essential skill for life.

Body, Mind and Soul

Swimming uses all major muscles in your body – from your neck and back, to your lungs, arms and legs. The buoyant force of water makes this form of exercise less intense than others, while ensuring everything gets a good workout. With kids coming under increasing stress these days from exams and other social pressures, swimming is also the best way for them to put it all aside and freestyle away everything that’s bothering them.

Speak to regular swimmers, and they will tell you there is no better way to put aside all of life’s worries, dive in, and burn some calories too.

Confidence Booster

In an era that measures our success based on marks, grades and other metrics, knowing how to swim can be a big confidence booster for children. Whether or not they get into swimming as a serious competitive sport, just having the ability to navigate water with ease makes them feel like they have conquered something big, and rightly so.

Swimming also teaches concentration, breath control, discipline and team spirit. Which other sport can claim all these, and be the favourite recreational activity too?

At GRT Hotels and Resorts, we’re hosting swimming camps all summer for children. Give us a ring and book a slot today!

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