4-Step Guide To Planning An Event

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You’re planning a corporate event and your head is spinning with all the things you need to think about to pull it off. Don’t panic! At GRT Hotels and Resorts, we plan and execute flawless events every day. Here’s our 4-step guide to help you too.

Step 1: Work With a Timeline

Start at the end. It might sound odd, but starting at the end allows you to work backwards to understand when certain things need to be done. How many days before the event do you need to confirm speakers? When do you need confirmation on the number of attendees? Do you need to invite the press? Work with a comprehensive checklist that will help you keep all your thoughts together.

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Step 2: Setup Details

Once you’ve sorted out all the little tasks that need to be done, turn your attention to the things you need at the event. This includes things like welcome kits, stationary, entry passes, registration books, WiFi passwords, floral arrangements, cables, computers, screens, projectors, fixed and wireless microphones, podiums, banners, seating arrangements… you get the idea. It will help to have yet another checklist here!

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Step 3: Food and Refreshment

If there’s one thing your attendees will remember, it’s the quality of the food. Canapes and finger food suits smaller events that are shorter in duration, while elaborate buffets suit larger events that run over the course of several days. For a truly memorable experience, live counters can entertain and enthral your attendees. Talk to the banquet manager about logistics of serving food, and remember to discuss beverages as well!

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Step 4: Visit the Venue

The internet is a wonderful place to research and narrow down venue options, but nothing takes the place of a site visit to explore the venue in person. You’ll also get to interact with the banquet team who will have plenty of expert advice on how to plan and run your event. Think about your attendees’ requirements – would they like to stay behind after the event for a bite? Is the location easily accessible by everyone?

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GRT Hotels & Resorts specialises in corporate and social events, and has all the facilities and expertise needed to hold a successful conference or meeting. From business centres and conference rooms to large ballrooms and modern accommodation for guests staying overnight, everything has been designed so your event is seamless.
Call us on 1800 425 55 00 to discuss venue options for your next event.

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