Sweet, Sinful, Heavenly – Gulabi


Remember when you were little and scraped your knee, or had a bad day at school? Something sweet would always make things better and cheer us up. Maybe some pistachio ice cream, an ice lolly, or best of all – homemade rabdi and halwa!

If you’re the kind who loves their sweets, you won’t believe what this recipe has – crispy golden fried bread, delicious dense condensed milk, sugar syrup, tiny dollops of rabdi, frozen rose petals, saffron for that signature Indian dessert flavour, and edible gold leaves to make it all shine.

This recipe uses spherification and nitrogen freezing techniques, but you can whip up your own homemade version of it! Simply stash rose petals in your freezer and you’ll be good to go. Or, the next time you’re craving something decadent that will leave you in high spirits, come on over to J. Hind at the Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels!

You can book a table on 044 2815 0500.

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