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This endearing story happened in Radisson Blu Resort Templebay , Mahabalipuram

Shoubik Das Gupta, a Management Trainee at the Front Desk started his routine Night shift duty rom 20.00hrs .He took over a busy shift . The resort was full.

While he was very busy in handling check –ins and various guests’ requests at the front desk, Ms.Sheetal Mehra from room #146, approached him at 11:00 pm frantically and informed Shoubik that she had forgotten her contact lens solution at home and she would not be able to remove her lens without the lens solution and she was disappointed that this will ruin her holiday.

Shoubik pacified Ms Sheetal and assured her that he would try his level best to get the lens solution from the nearby pharmacy. But unfortunately when the bell boy wnet to the nearby pharmacy it was closed as it was 11.30 pm by then . Shoubik was in a dilemma as he had informed Sheetal that he would organize the lens solution with confidence and he has also asked her for 20 minutes to find out for possibilities if any . He did not want to let her down.

His training on ‘Yes I can’ service philosophy kicked in .

Frantically Shoubik , even though he was busy at the front desk remembered his room mate also used lens. He went out of his way and woke up his roommate to bring the lens solution from his room and then he has handed over the lens solution as he promised . The guest was very inquisitive and asked Shoubik how he managed to get the solution this late in the night and he narrated the entire incident to the guest , Ms.Sheetal was very happy for shoubik and she and exclaimed “THANK YOU SHOUBIK YOU HAVE BEEN A LIFE SAVER FOR ME TODAY”

She was so thrilled that she asked her daughter to give Shoubik a gift. This is the cute drawing.


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Vikram Cotah, COO, GRT Hotels & Resorts
Vikram Cotah, COO, GRT Hotels & Resorts

Vikram Cotah is the Chief Operating Officer at GRT Hotels & Resorts, a veteran hotelier, an avid traveller and storyteller.

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