What’s Coming in 2018?

If you’ve been following our updates, you know how obsessed we are with delicious photographs. When we plan photoshoots, the entire venue transforms into a studio.

People are buzzing about, chefs are busy preparing perfect looking dishes, props are stocked everywhere, and the dish we’re shooting has everybody’s undivided attention.

Can you guess what this dish is? Hint: it’s everyone’s go-to comfort food!

GRT Hotels & Resorts has a long-standing tradition of launching an exciting calendar every year. The 2017 calendar showcased our avant-garde cooking techniques, and featured easy DIY recipes. 2016 saw a fascinating Astro calendar that recommended ingredients based on Zodiac signs.

So what’s happening this year? Something special is brewing, and we’re almost ready to cook our way into 2018!

To find out what exactly we’ve been up to with this new calendar, you’ll just have to wait and watch this space. We can tell you though, that it’s unique, super interesting, and absolutely delicious.

Climb as high as you need to get the perfect shot!

Testing colours and compositions

Pots, pans, props everywhere!

More pots, pans, props, and horses too

We’re all set for backgrounds

Flowers make fantastic props for food photography

Spices and condiments, anyone? Nobody was allowed to munch on these during
the shoot!

So what’s coming next? Wait and watch!

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