Unusual and Interesting Ingredients in the GRT Kitchens

How many times have you been out grocery shopping, and automatically skipped past the unfamiliar vegetables or that unusual spice that you have no idea what to do with? Often when we hear of ingredients, we know they’re used in a certain type of cuisine, but we don’t know what they taste like or how they can enhance our food, let alone how to use them.

But when you’re a chef, unusual ingredients excite you! You can’t wait to find something new in the market that you haven’t cooked with before and get to work creating something new for your guests.

We caught up with our Corporate Chef Sheetharam to find out about some of the unusual
ingredients used in the GRT Hotels & Resorts kitchens.

Salt Bowls

Yup, you read that right. They’re bowls carved from salt blocks. At SaltCo531 (Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai), the chefs grill your food on salt blocks. Some of the dishes are served in salt bowls (and on blocks) so every bite you take is subtly flavoured.


Used in the process of spherification, Xanthan is seen in molecular gastronomy. The menu at J. Hind (Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels) presents an interesting take on Indian dishes, giving them a modern twist with trendy techniques. The next time you’re in the mood for a new experience, head on over for a buttermilk or payasam sphere!

Yellowfin Tuna Fish

A large tuna, this fish is rich in proteins, Vitamin B-6 and B-12. At the Wharf restaurant (Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay Mamallapuram), you can sit by the ocean and watch the waves, while you enjoy a beautifully grilled fish. Raw tuna fillet with dill, lemon and cherry tomatoes in olive cutting board.

Yellow Chilli Powder

Making the perfect kebab takes skill, practice, and most of all, just the right mix of spices. At The Great Kebab Factory (Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai), yellow chilli powder is used for its unique aroma, freshness, colour and flavour.

Handmade Almond Syrup

At the upbeat 20s-inspired Steam & Whistles (Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels), the bartenders are always experimenting with syrups and blends. They hand-make an almond syrup that’s used to flavour cocktails and mocktails. Who knew nuts could enhance your drink so much?

Guava Leaves

The home-infused rum at Steam & Whistles has a combination of 16 Indian spices, and guava leaves!
It’s matured for a month and served neat or as cocktails. Come Christmas, all guests get to try a shot of it along with bite-sized plum cakes. Can’t wait for December!
Spices are also used to create individual infusions for unique cocktails.


But not as plain old fruit! The bartender blends jackfruit with vanilla ice cream to make an unusual cocktail, and tops it off with rich white chocolate syrup.

Please enjoy this tempting gif of the yummy cocktail!

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