Why Do You Travel? For A Bit Of Everything


Looking out through the aeroplane window at the familiar concrete structures, picking up your bags in the airport that looks like every other airport, getting your Instagram shots of the touristy structure, finishing your day with a Starbucks coffee, while staying at the hotel you always stay at.
There’s no room for surprises and you know exactly what you’re going to get. Worth every penny you will spend on your travel to explore a new place. Sound familiar?
But as if that’s enough for the modern traveller! We also want to really truly experience local culture and interact with new people, indulge in some digital detox and cut off from the world for a while, soak in everything that’s unique about the destination, and seek something “off-beat” that will set us apart from other travellers. In other words, localisation is the new wish.
It’s the ultimate millennial travel conundrum – a thirst for a bit of everything. One thing’s for sure, today’s traveller is way more keen on gathering experiences and stories to tell their grandchildren,than spending their money on tangible things that are seen as mere tools for instant gratification.

So how do you get local, exactly?

One of the best ways to experience local culture is through food. Choose hotels that pride
themselves on serving traditional food, and you’re set. The Regency Kanchipuram by GRT for example, serves an authentic South Indian breakfast every morning – one of the best ways to start off your cultural adventure of the ancient temples.

Another way is to simply walk around, go on a trek or off the beaten touristy path to spot local flora and fauna. The GReaT Trail properties in Kodaikanal and Yercaud lend themselves to exactly that.

You will come back with beautiful pictures, lungs full of fresh clean air, and get to see local
agriculture in action. Perhaps a friendly villager will give you a tip or two about growing your own carrots!

To understand the destination’s socio-economics, seek out indigenous craftsmen and learn their crafts, rather than picking up knickknacks from tourist shops. The Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay Mamallapuram offers customised trails, so you can choose what you’d like to do.

And when you want to feel like Indiana Jones, choose destinations that aren’t traditionally on tourist maps, but offer a host of experiences. Tuticorin, for example. Although we must warn you, you probably won’t find any hidden tunnels full of treasure!

To learn more about our destinations and experiences, visit grthotels.com.

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