Sweet, spice and all things nice – GRT’s Diwali Gift

A productive day needs a relaxed night and the right beverage to kick start your mornings! To grab all the opportunities that dwell in a day, your morning beverage should invigorate your body and soul.

We at GRT deliberated the best way to help our guests, business partners, associates and stakeholders begin their day on a positive and refreshing note, when they are beyond our gates. Staying true to our motto “The Promise of More”, our Diwali gift this year, will warm its way into your homes (and hearts!). 

In a world plastic and processed, we take great pride in presenting you something organic, eco-friendly, cruelty-free and award winning. Our Diwali gift box contains two exciting flavours of tea – Orange Green tea and Cinnamon Green tea. The tea leaves are of single origin, from a tea estate in the Nilgiris. The tea pickers, employed from the local community, carefully chose the best leaves that go into the making of your morning brew.

We recommend our orange green tea with its antioxidants and vitamins for a stimulating morning while the cinnamon green tea helps soothes body aches and keeps your heart healthy, with its anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. In just opening the aroma seal, you get a whiff of the intense essence of the ingredients.

And to go with the aromatic flavours of tea, there is honey which comes in two of three surprising flavours. Honey connoisseurs state that the taste of honey is almost as complex of as that of wine in that honey is also influenced by the region, the season, the harvest etc.

In our gift, the honey comes from bees that are fed on an exclusive diet of nectar from sunflowers, neem and moringa flowers. Great care has been taken to prevent harm to the bees when honey is extracted. With the distinctive flavours of their respective dietary flowers, a dash of the honey makes your tea flavourful and healthy.

We hope that our thoughtfully chosen gift helps you begin your morning afresh, stay active during your day and put your feet up during dusk. GRT wishes you all a very joy-filled, re-energising  and self indulgent Diwali!

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