Stay Cool As A Cucumber This Summer

Hollywood’s portrayal of summer may entail sunbathing, picnics in the park, and tons of outdoor activities with family. But back here in the tropics, we do summer a little bit differently! In our hot-hotter-hottest climate, the summer months are when we stay indoors, use the air conditioners to their fullest capacity, and binge on mangoes and watermelons. Here are some ways we can all stay cool this summer!

Cotton Is Your BFF

Put away all your synthetics and silks, and bring out the cottons. Cotton fabric breathes easy and will keep you cool. You could even use thin cotton curtains and drapes on your windows, as well as for your bedsheets and covers. Cotton is your friend, embrace it!

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated. In the summer months, consciously drink more water – you can even use a bottle that will help you measure how much you are drinking. Fresh fruit juices are also an excellent source of healthy minerals, and of course nature-purified water! A chilled apple juice, or a lovely watermelon mocktail will cool you down and keep you happy. Swap the sodas and the energy drinks for fresh juices and smoothies. Top them with ice creams or frozen pieces of fruit for an extra dose of delight.

Hit The Pool

Just thinking about chilling in a swimming pool excites us! Even if you aren’t a brilliant swimmer, taking a dip will cool you down and help you relax. It’s also a good opportunity to get your children to learn swimming techniques.

At GRT Hotels & Resorts, we’re running summer camps for children at many of our properties. Come on over with family to chill and learn at the same time!

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Holiday in The Hills

Climb higher to cool down. Escape to hill resorts to get away from the heat and spend quality time with your loved ones. Hill stations have tons of activities for everyone – boating, trekking, spice walks, and lovely valley views.

Our attractive packages for couples and families in Yercaud and Kodaikanal.

Summer Accessorise

Remember your sunglasses, hat and sunscreen when you step out! If you’re the kind who likes to go outdoors, invest in a good umbrella too. You can also buy water sprays, or simply make your own, to keep your face and neck cool. If you’re outdoors, keep an eye out for coconut vendors – is there anything really more refreshing than heavenly tender coconut water?

How else are you keeping cool this summer? Stay tuned to all our summer offers at our restaurants on our Facebook page!

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