Shop Till You Drop in Chennai

Have you ever walked into a shop with the intention of buying one thing, come out armed with ten shopping bags instead, and felt really good about it? Science tells us that shopping makes our brains happy. No wonder it’s called Retail Therapy!

Let us tell you why Chennai is a fabulous destination for shoppers. While it is famous for exquisite silk sarees and gold, the city’s markets cater to much more. So how did it all start?

The Madras Port

Chennai’s markets have been shaped by its rich trading history, owing to its strategic coastal location. Although records go back to Roman trading in the 6th Century, the Madras port gained prominence in the 1600s, flourishing under the British rule.

It has established a strong foothold as a container port, rather than a travel port. From humble beginnings handling 0.5 million tonnes of cargo, it boasts of over 75 million tonnes per year today, trading with the rest of the world!

Shopping boom in Chennai

With the opening up of the economy in 1991, the city became a crucial hub of the manufacturing, foreign investment and trade boom. Today, shopping areas are flooded with everything from electronics and furniture, to exotic vegetables and spices. Walk into one of the many world-class malls to purchase from high end global brands, explore unique designer stores, or walk through the bustling streets for an unforgettable experience.

One of the main shopping districts is T-Nagar. While the locality might confuse a shopping neophyte, it presents order in chaos like you’ve never seen before. Move over Paris, London and New York, Chennai is what you write home about!

Pondy Bazaar

Whatever your reason for being in the city, add Pondy Bazaar to your must-do-list. Put your bargaining skills to good use at the streets packed with custom jewellery, fashionable clothes, knick-knacks and souvenirs.

Walk the high streets to have your pick of traditional sarees or inspired western wear, and pair them perfectly with exquisite pieces from GRT Jewellery. Ice your shopping cake with stunning shoes and bags from the best brands in the world, for both men and women!

At the end of your shopping day, when all you want is a delicious meal and some pampering, GRT Grand could not be more perfectly located. You simply have to look out your window every morning, to the markets calling out to you! Allow us to make your travel arrangements, while you plan your shopping lists and relax at our Bodhi Spa.

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