Redefining thoughtful leadership: Our CEO’s approach to uncertain times

The last couple of weeks has been a true test of willpower and strength, with the entire world under the frenzy of the pandemic. During these trying times, we at GRT Hotels and Resorts, instead of staying on the sidelines, decided to do our part in this battle. 

We at GRT Hotels and Resorts came up with various initiatives to lend a helping hand to the community. All the incredible initiatives were brought to life by Vikram Cotah, our Chief Operating Officer by making sure that they were all carried out seamlessly.

He frequently visited our hotels in Chennai – Grand Chennai and Radisson Blu Hotel, GRT Chennai to ensure that the management and the staff have everything they need, boosting their morale with his cheerful and upbeat attitude, and to ensure their spirits were high and optimism never faltered till the tide passed. 

Moreover, his social media is filled with the kind of positivity you need to get through these uncertain times. Check out his blogs to get his insights on the current trends of the hospitality industry and how to make the best out of this crisis:

From encouraging everyone to stay fit and active in their homes, either by working out or even helping out in the kitchen, to his numerous culinary exploits in the kitchens with all the delicacies he’s stirring up at home, his quirky persona can be felt through the screen as well.

He also never failed to speak about every incredible feat achieved by GRT Hotels and Resorts on his social media, especially during this crisis and everything we’re doing to assure our seamless transition to the new normalcy. He is incredibly eager to welcome guests back and honestly, we can’t wait too. 

His charismatic personality and positive attitude keeps people engaged and is truly inspiring. 

Whether it’s food recipes, workout routines or his unfiltered thoughts expressing immense pride about the humanitarian efforts of GRT Hotels and Resorts, our COO has been a guiding beam of light in dark times.

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