No Room To Waste Food

We live in a world where a third of food produce goes waste – the statistics are staggering.
Now more than ever, it is our undeniable responsibility to proactively work towards fixing

As a business whose goal is to present memorable dining experiences, we talk about this
issue day in and day out. We’ve implemented a number of smart strategies across our
hotels to be more eco-conscious, and here’s one more step doing just that.

No Bin Day

The Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai is leading the quest to reduce food waste with its ‘No Bin Day’ in the staff canteens. What started off as a one-day-a-week initiative has now been extended to two days, and the hotel hopes to keep doing more.

“Our teams have been so incredibly positive about it. On these days, we remove the bins
from the canteen, so we all have to eat everything on our plates,” says Venkatesan R –
Learning & Development Manager.

“They have welcomed it with open arms and have even taken the concept back to their own homes. We can all make a difference, and it starts with baby steps. We’ve reduced food waste by 95% on No Bin Days, and by 45% on other days. Thanks to this initiative, food wastage is always on our mind and we’re a lot more careful with how much food we put on our plates.”

Watch the video from the hotel below to learn more.

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