Maintaining a safe haven for guests during the pandemic

There is no argument when we say the last couple of months have been a whirlwind. A lot has happened, with the Coronavirus spreading all over the world, and the whole country going under lockdown to contain the spread of the same. 

We at GRT Hotels and Resorts have been doing our part to ensure a healthy and safe environment to all our guests by following a list of basic hygiene practices, and also training our staff to welcome guests after the pandemic has been brought under control. 

  1. Hand sanitizers all around: Every part of the hotel, from the reception to the restaurants have been equipped with hand sanitizers throughout for the guests, including the staff working there round the clock to maintain their hygiene and cleanliness.
  2. Fully equipped and trained staff: All the housekeeping staff have been advised to wear gloves and masks doing turndown service, and all the staff have been trained according to prescribed procedures.
  3. Disinfected washrooms: All the restrooms and washrooms at GRT Hotels and Resorts are disinfected and cleaned regularly.
  4. Cleanest kitchens: The kitchens of GRT Hotels and Resorts are properly maintained and cleaned, the kitchen staff trained to prepare food hygienically, so that the food can be delivered to not just the guests staying there, but also to people outside, in need of food. 
  5. Regularly sanitized vehicles: For every time that a guest is picked up in the hotel car, the car is sanitized and disinfected. All our drivers have been instructed to wear gloves and masks, and all the cars have also been well-equipped with a hygiene kit.
  6. Screening of guests: Every guest will be screened for their temperature using non-invasive thermometers, and their luggage sanitized before they enter. Masks are also provided, if they don’t have any.

We strive to ensure the health and safety of every guest, without compromising on the comfort and luxury that GRT Hotels and Resorts is known for. We’re eagerly waiting to have all our guests back, and we hope the tide passes soon. 

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