Let There Be Salt

Let’s imagine for a moment, a world without salt. Tables with only pepper shakers, bland potato fries and tasteless chicken curry. History books would not have a fascinating Salt March story to tell, and we’d be chugging down beer with sweet chips. What would the judges of Masterchef have to yell at the contestants about?

It’s one of those things we take for granted. You know, something that only crosses our minds when it’s absent. From the fairy tale of the princess who loved her father as much as salt, to its use to drive away the evil eye, salt is deeply ingrained in our social and cultural lives.

So when a restaurant comes along and tells you they cook with salt, your first natural reaction is probably – “doesn’t everyone?”

No Ordinary Salt

But this is no ordinary salt you see. This is salt from the mighty Himalayas, from the depths of the English seas, and the subtle flavoured seaweeds of France. The food at this restaurant is fused with delicate salts from Mexico, Japan, Spain, Morocco, Thailand and India. Who knew that you could choose the kind of salt you wanted your food to be sprinkled with?

When the chefs at Radisson Blu GRT were sitting around at lunch, talking about all things food, they realised they needed to bring the incredible experience of choosing and tasting salts to the city’s foodies.

And Then The Chef Said…
…let there be SaltCo531. The brand new open plan restaurant at No. 531, GST Road presents an ambience so free spirited, you won’t want to leave. Sit by the live kitchens to watch the skilled chefs prepare your order over the pink Himalayan salt blocks, or dine al fresco by the pool.An eclectic menu offers everything from sushi and caprese to buffalo wings and risotto. Go back in time to eat off the hot salt rock – indulge in grills like salt seared pineapple steaks with curried cheesy drizzle, or New Zealand lamb rack served with sweet potato and carrot hash.If you’re feeling desi, go local with the tikkas, dals, biriyanis and kozhambas. Finish off with a delicious key lime pie or the rich beer battered fried Mars!The team at SaltCo531 is so excited to serve, they break into a happy dance routine every half an hour. Come as you are, dig into comfort food, drink to your heart’s content, and leave with a story to tell.SaltCo531 is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Call (044) 2231 0101 for details and reservations.

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