A summer getaway to the chilly mountains, GRT Great Trails, Kodaikanal

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We had booked ourselves at GRT Hotels for a stay at Kodaikanal a bit ahead of the summer rush. As we drove down, rather drove up to the property it was warm and welcoming. An inviting Whistler Café is the first thing that you see and aromas of good food waft out. The reception area and lounge are adjacent to the café with quick and efficient staff. The checking in formalities was done within minutes and we were escorted to our rooms. Sparkling clean rooms with a cozy and comfortable bed with large glass windows assure you amazing views. A private balcony adds to the beauty. Wherever you stand the mountain calls out to you and you can drink in the view and you have got to tare yourself away from the scenic views to do your other chores.


Importantly the weather is a mix of chill breeze and the hot sun beating down. Naturally, the heat is not the debilitating kind and is in fact welcoming when fog surrounds you and leaves your teeth chattering. It is wise to carry a shawl or sweater in the evenings. It was really cold in the nights with us opting for a heater.

From a sightseeing point of view, there are the usual touristy spots such as Coakers Walk, Bryant Park, Kodaikanal Lake, Moyer Point, Kurinji Andavar temple, etc. Every spot was teeming with people and can get quite tiring when you have to jostle crowds and cars and buses causing a traffic jam.

By and large, we decided to enjoy the GRT’s Great Trails going for walks within, indulging in the games that they had organized along with a bonfire. An extremely courteous staff made our stay special and spectacular. There are three types of rooms: Valley View, Rock Cabin and Timber Chalet. All of them are almost similar in terms of layout of the internal area, just that from a space point of view some of them are much larger. Timber Chalet is by far the prettiest.  A must mention of the food, they served, some out of the world desserts and high-quality piping hot food. GRT’s Great Trails Kodaikanal is a hotel that assures value for money.

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