Golgappas with Spherified Yoghurt and Mango


Indian street food is defined by chaat and its range of flavours – crispy, sweet, sour,
and spicy! From samosa-channa chaat to bhel puri, every region has its own
favourite local variations.

Golgappas remain a street food staple across India, and little is known about how
and where they originated. While traditionally filled with a potato mixture, sweet
chutney and spicy green chutney, these bite-sized crispy orbs lend themselves to
versatility and experimentation.

So as part of our unique cooking methods showcase, our highlight recipe this July is
a golgappa with spherified yoghurt and mango.

Try your hand at it while mangoes are still in season, and come on over to J. Hind at
Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels to experience a range of interesting cooking
techniques. The restaurant is hosting a unique Nawabi Food Festival till the end of
July 2017, and reservations can be made by calling the hotel on 044 2815 0500.

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