Where Food & Notifications Aren’t Friends

Working in the hospitality business gives us a unique viewpoint, from where we get to
witness ever-changing human needs, first hand. Over our decades of serving travellers,
we’ve picked up a thing or two about behavior and trends.

We’ve seen travel gear evolve. We’ve witnessed airline usage patterns. We understand
every new food and health fad. It is in our DNA to observe, absorb, adapt, and deliver.

In the last few years, our restaurant teams have been noticing a disheartening trend – too
much information and very little interaction.

Increasingly, people say less and less to each other, choosing to spend time on their phones instead. They focus more on getting good pictures of the food, than actually enjoying it.

But technology has been so good to us, and we’re probably getting this message across to
you on your smartphone! So the team at Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai decided to strike a balance. Enter Digital Detox.

When you step into Salt Co 531 for your weekday lunch buffet, you will encounter our
teams in yellow, offering to hold on to your phones while you sit back, turn off, and really
truly enjoy your lunch break.

The Detox Experience

“There is no compulsion, as we do understand some guests need their phones all the time
to attend to work issues. But we’ve seen such positive responses! They are immensely
pleased to have the option to have their hands free of their phones for a while,” says our

So What’s In It For You?

Apart from being able to blame us for not answering your boss’s call? Custom-embroidered cold towels, balloons on your table to proudly display you are detoxing, refreshing mocktails, a range of Indian and continental food, live counters, and dancing opportunities with our staff!

The chance to put everything on pause and simply savour the moment has been such a hit, our guests have taken the concept back to their own workplaces! Now you may not be able to take pictures of your meal, but the digital break is completely worth it.

Before You Go

We’ve got some more surprises. Anyone who lunches with us gets a complimentary 15
minute therapy session at the Bodhi Spa. Get a no-oil head massage or a relaxing foot
therapy before you press play and go back to your information-filled world!

And because we’re so happy you’re detoxing, every table that chooses to detox gets a Bodhi Spa voucher worth INR 500 from us!

Call the Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai on 044 – 2231 0101 to book your tables.

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