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The state of Tamil Nadu presents a rich abundance of history, culture, heritage and tradition. You are never too far away from a historic site that stands testament to legend and mythology, so deeply ingrained in its citizens’ lives.

One such fascinating story is that of Lord Muruga and his six abodes, known as Āṟupaṭai vīṭu (Translation: Six Battle Houses). In true GRT tradition, let us lead you on a story trail to these destinations.


Eight kilometers south of Madurai, this town houses the temple where Lord Muruga married Deivayani – daughter of Indra. The magnificent rock-cut temple dates back to the powerful Pandya dynasty, which ruled parts of southern India for the longest period (3rd century BC – 17th century CE).

Just 4 kilometers from the site is the GRT Regency, where you can book a package that will ensure not just a comfortable stay, but also the comfort of easy access to a second revered site – Pazhamudircholai.


Nestled in the fertile hills, lies the next abode. Muruga’s wife Valli is said to have lived here. The temple houses beautiful statues of the Lord with his two wives, as well as other deities. The famous poet Avvaiyar is believed to have had a divine encounter with the Lord while resting under a tree here.

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Sixty kilometers from Kodaikanal, this hilltop shrine is a feast for all senses. Legend has it that Lord Muruga lost a challenge posed by his parents, in an effort to win the singular fruit of wisdom. The fruit would be awarded to him who circled the universe first. While Muruga set off to revolve the cosmos, his brother Ganesha simply encircled his parents. Muruga then left in fury and found his new home in the hills – Palani.

After your Darshan at the temple, take a few days off to relax in the lap of nature’s luxury, and the GRT Nature Trails, Kodaikanal. We’ve compiled a list of less-known facts about the Kodai Lake, as well as must-dos at a hill station!

 GRT Regency, Tiruttani


Another stunning hilltop abode, this temple is situated about 80 kilometers from Chennai. Lore has it that Muruga married his other wife, Valli, here. It is also said to be where Rama, Vishnu and Arjuna found peace.

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The only one of the six temples on a coastline, this magnificent tiered Muruga temple in the Tuticorin district attracts devotees from around the world, with fervent festivals and deep-rooted mythology. Muruga is said to have retrieved water from a nearby fresh water well for parched devotees here. The shrine also finds pride of place in many literary references over the centuries.

Cruise along the highway for just an hour from the GRT Regency, Tuticorin, to discover treasures of the past. We can arrange for a tour of other gems including Our Lady of Snows Basilica and the Vaikuntam Temple while you stay with us.


Sitting atop a hillock five kilometres from Kumbakonam is the Swaminathaswamy Temple. This divine abode is said to be where Lord Muruga explains the meaning of the word “Om” to his father, Lord Shiva. In a beautiful tale of the teacher becoming the taught, Shiva’s shrine is located in the basement.

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