Fall into a delicious food coma in Wayanad

The crackle of aromatic curry leaves and spices as they sizzle in a pot of fragrant coconut oil, the smell of fresh seafood, the crunch of a crispy appam straight from the pan. The cuisine of the God’s own Country, Kerala, is divine.

Taking a gastronomic journey through this state opens up a world that is rich in culture, local produce and togerness. Not only is the food finger-licking good, it is also healthy and extremely nutritious. A scrumptious blend of vegetables, meats, spices and healthy fats make Kerala’s cuisine a must-try. Although there are plenty of multi-cuisine joints serving up dishes from across the globe, it is the local cuisine that is not to be missed.

Here are some mouthwatering combos you must dig into on your next trip to Kerala:

1. Fish moilee and boiled/steamed rice This seafood curry stands out for its creamy texture from fresh coconut milk and mild spices that give it a lingering aroma. Pair it with steaming hot rice, and you’ve got a recipe for a peaceful siesta!

2. Appam and ‘ishtu’ (stew) – There is nothing more satisfying than a crispy, fluffy appam. And, an appam would just be incomplete without a bowl of hot stew. Vegetables, meat or seafood — choose what you may, but don’t even think of skipping that appam!

3. Puttu and kadala curry – Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this staple breakfast combination. These steamed rice cakes combined with grated coconut pair perfectly with the kadala or black channa curry.

4. Parotta and Nadan meat curry – Don’t blame us if you leave Kerala dreaming of flaky, crispy parottas. The rich and thick Nadan curry — beef, mutton or even chicken — is the ideal companion. 

5. Nei appam and a cup of tea – This almost pancake-like sweet dish stands out for its unique taste, with jaggery, ghee and cardamom shining through. A cup of hot tea makes the experience all the more wholesome.

Our chefs are experts in the local cuisine of Kerala, and will take you through the nuances of the culinary heritage of the state. Get lost in the flavours while you take in the stunning views around you at the GRT group’s latest property, Great Trails Wayanad.

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