DIY – Super Bowls of Nutrition

Bowls aren’t just for breakfast cereal and soup anymore. With the aim to include small portions of a range of ingredients prepared separately, food bowls are becoming
increasingly popular for their convenience. Your taste buds are never bored, you don’t spill any food, and you can eat while you watch TV or walk around doing chores at home.

Besides, they look beautiful, and we do eat with our eyes! Typically, these bowls are a complete balanced meal – carbs, proteins, vitamins, fibre and everything else you need.

The best part is that they work across cuisines. Love Mexican? Throw in some avocado, salsa, beans, corn and your favourite carb. Mediterranean fan? Cook up some chickpeas, falafel, and pita bread, with a host of fresh veggies and hummus!

At Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels, the buffet includes a Superbowl counter, where you can pick out a superfood, choose a carb (brown rice/quinoa/pasta/wheat noodles), and select a sauce you like. The chefs will then toss it all together and you can dig into your customised nutritious meal.

Try your own superbowl at home and tell us how it turns out! Here’s a DIY video for inspiration.


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