DIY – Paneer Makhmali

When you visit any Indian restaurant, paneer is an unmissable staple on the menu. Paneer
butter masala, paneer tikka masala, palak paneer, kadai paneer, tawa paneer – take your
pick! Paneer is so ingrained in our cuisines, we don’t even realise how much of it we eat,
from comfort-food bhurjis to sweet rasagullas.

So when our teams were charting out the menu for J. Hind, the thought was – how can we
make this versatile ingredient even more fun? By making a sandwich, frying it in yummy
batter, and adding lovely deep-pink gravy to it, that’s how.

Here’s a DIY recipe from our kitchens that combines fresh paneer cubes, cool mint chutney,
and the magic of beetroot. Oh, and there’s cream cheese with fried onions on top – finished
off with a flame to melt it all into a sweet, tangy side-dish!

Enjoy with a side of rice, biriyani, or hot rotis, and tell us how it turned out!


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