DIY – Dum Biriyani Recipe

If there’s one thing that will get all your friends to come to your party, it’s biriyani. You can spend a lifetime trying out the various kinds of biriyanis across Asia – Hyderabadi Biriyani, Ambur Biriyani, Thalassery Biriyani….the list is endless! As for us, our chefs simply cannot put out a buffet without this mouth-watering dish.

It works brilliantly as comfort food, when you’re at home on a rainy day and craving something warm and spicy for dinner. Add a bit of spunk to it, and you’re sorted to feed 15 hungry guests coming your way!

The best part about this dish of course, is that you can add whatever your heart desires to it (all your favourite veggies, or no veggies at all!).

All it needs is a side of raitha, saalan, or chips and appalam, and you’re done.

With lots of love from our kitchens, here’s a super-easy, quick, and absolutely delicious dum biriyani recipe. Tell us how it turns out!

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