COVID – 19: A Lesson in Humanity for Humanity

COVID-19 has made its way all over the world and is affecting people, communities and economies across continents. From CEOs to the common people, everyone is religiously contributing to help and aid fellow humans during these dark times. If one thing tears us apart, there are ninety-nine other things that bring us together and undoubtedly, the coronavirus pandemic has brought out the best in us.

The GRT Group strongly believes in that human connection and this belief is what drives us to build a better world, create value and opportunities for hard workers and to bring them together for the greater good. We, as an integral part of our community, decided to take actions that helped our local government officials, uniformed personnel and frontline workers do their job efficiently. Every GRT property follows strict guidelines as per the government’s orders. Our already impeccable hygiene standards were stepped up to prioritise safe living spaces, kitchens and bathrooms for our guests and the warriors of GRT who stayed back in the hotels to serve them. This act of commitment and dedication inspired many across our human resources and all of them pitched in their one day salary for the CM Relief Fund. All adding up to a sum of 1.25 Cr to various relief funds, so far. 

Real-time volunteering by our COO, managers and employees helped us create a lasting impact on ground zero. Radisson Blu hotels with their available resources and crew, prepared meals for distribution, the Grand Chennai served doctors of Rajiv Gandhi Hospitals and the Kodambakkam community centres who served food to the police force and stranded people in the area. All our other hotels prepared meals to cater to essential service workers and stranded people. The GRT Jewellers retail store staff mess also prepared 2500 meals per day since 26th March for the abandoned, stranded migrant workers and essential services workers.

The lockdown also has had a big impact on stray animals and birds. The strays have no means of feeding themselves as they are dependent on humans for food and this leads thousands of animals to starvation. When the lockdown was announced on March 24, Pooja Parameswaran (Marketing Head, GRT Hotels) stocked up on essential supplies and has been feeding up to 140 stray dogs in her neighbourhood per day. A moving gesture which inspired our kitchens to cook meals that fed at least a 100 dogs per day during the initial lockdown phase. Uma Maheshwari, GM of Great Trails Yercaud along with the resort engineer and security guard have been providing food for starving monkeys living in the hills around the property. Hundreds of good samaritans across the country are working together with NGOs to make sure these animals don’t starve.

If we help each other, follow all the precautionary measures, aid those in need, stay at home and thank all the frontline workers, we can protect many lives and look forward to a brighter tomorrow. Even optimism can help us stay grounded in this unfamiliar situation.

Our community is as strong as it can be right now. Our medicos are providing care with empathy and our scholars are innovating with perseverance and it is our responsibility to lend a hand by following the government guidelines and staying at home. As a part of an incredibly huge family, every single decision we make affects our fellow humans. So, let us extend unconditional love to each and every living being and discover what it means to be human again.

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