A Brand New HQ for Brand New Ideas

To hoteliers, an empty building waiting to be decorated is what a blank canvas is to an artist. We close our eyes and imagine a space with colors, patterns, lights, floors, furniture and amenities. Then we open them and get to work with experts, to bring to life hotel spaces that are inspired by you – our guests.

So for people who are always thinking about ways to enhance guest spaces, a brand new headquarters in T. Nagar means a whole new opportunity to be creative.

Come along now, we’re taking you on a quick tour of our office. Say hello to our team at the reception!

Then let’s climb aboard some paper planes and head up the stairs to the offices.

Sip on a lovely cup of coffee or a steaming mug of tea (black, chai, or good old lemon) while you wait for everyone to join you on our bright blue couches!

Brought along bags and laptops? Make yourself comfortable in one of our many wifi-enabled mini ideating rooms with bright illustrated walls.

Let’s walk through this cool corridor and into the spacious conference room for powerpoints, revenue discussions, concept meetings, interesting conversations, and of course the occasional pizza and chaat from the Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels next door!

Done with your major meetings? Great! Let’s go back down the stairs past the rocket ships and hot air balloons to the cool blue conference room, to make final calls and sign off on deals.

Now we’re going to see spaces from where all of the social media, advertising, food festivals and promotions are planned at GRT Hotels & Resorts. Come on now, back through the corridors. How many of our properties can you spot on this wall?

Wave a big hello to sales and marketing, where all details of your long term stay are drawn up, rates are finalised, budgets are allocated, social stories are built, and plenty of selfies are taken!

Let’s quickly pop into the COO’s office for a minute to take a peek at the classy furnishings, high ceilings, warm interiors, and massive world map in the back (you have to visit to see it).

Oh and just for some wanderlust, take a look at the lampshades, custom-made from shot glasses that our COO has collected over his years of travelling the world! Feeling a tinge of envy? Pack your bags and get travelling! Stay tuned to our offers here.

Before you go, we just want to remind you that people who love eating are indeed, the best! A fitting message for our rooftop cafeteria.

Au revoir! Until we meet again.

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