Are you moonson ready?

This past summer has been a particularly scorching one, but luckily the clouds are beginning to turn dark and grey and light showers are helping cool the place down. Soon enough, the glorious monsoon will make its presence felt and the streets will be filled with mischievous children stomping in puddles they were clearly told to stay away from. But it’s not just the children who are getting into trouble. According to Ayurveda, our bodies are the weakest during the monsoon season. The humidity in the air gives rise to a whole host of skin and hair problems too. It’s the perfect time to step into a Bodhi Spa by GRT Hotels to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

In Sanskrit, Bodhi signifies peace and enlightenment, and all our therapies are designed to create physical, mental, and spiritual balance through rituals and experiences. Our highly trained therapists are friendly, attentive, and brilliant at their jobs. Guests can choose from a host of Ayurvedic and Western therapies to achieve one of three goals: relaxation, general well-being, and of course, beauty treatments.The products we use in our spa are specially chosen from luxury brands that are environment-friendly. Even our spa apparel is made from organic cotton and treated with healing herbs to enhance your wellness experience.

At Bodhi, we offer more than 40 holistic treatments and therapies to indulge and heal your senses. On a regular day, choose from nourishing treatments such as the Marma Facial or the Tridosha Wellness Abhyanga. If you’re feeling down and out, our invigorating body therapy Madras Malli is the perfect solution to overcome lethargy and that listless feeling.

We do have some special recommendations for the rainy season though. The Bodhi Paradise treatment is one of our favourites. Begin with a gentle steam that opens up the pores and cocoons you in a gentle warmth. Enjoy the energising full-body exfoliation and massage that follows and next, soak in the goodness of a warm mud wrap to strengthen your body against the rains. Wind down with a cup of organic herbal tea and let your feet receive the extra TLC they need during the monsoons with a spa pedicure.


Even better, bring a friend or your significant other along and be treated to our Double Delight therapy. Catch up on some quality time together as your therapists pamper you with the Bodhi signature facial and a rejuvenating aromatherapy body massage.



Whichever therapy you choose, you’ll be strengthening your immune system to better equip it with the monsoon madness. Drop in anytime, and we’re happy to help you become monsoon ready.

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