Addictions That Are Good For You

Can addictions be good? The team at Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai wants you to get addicted – to healthy and wonderful things! With our one-of-a-kind #GoodAddiction campaign, we have launched a whole range of initiatives and activities across dining, stays
and events.

Sunshine Breakfast

Start your morning with a delightful Sunshine Breakfast, at a table next to the window streaming the glorious morning sun in. Dig into a nutritious breakfast as you bask in all that Vitamin D coming your way!

EXP Meetings

Head into your work meetings at the business spaces in the hotel, with Radisson’s EXP Meetings – a unique concept designed to upgrade your meetings to experiences. Say goodbye to conventional boring business sessions, and challenge your colleagues to a round of friendly boxing to warm up. Take breaks in between for express stress-relieving therapies at the Bodhi Spa, or play a round of table-tennis. It’s all about stimulating your mind to think out of the box!

Digital Detox

For lunch, indulge in some Digital Detox at the SaltCo531. Leave your phones behind and soak in the dining experience. Follow it up with a complimentary Lunch Therapy – a 15 minute oil-free head or foot massage. No mess, all the rejuvenation! And when Sunday comes, join us at the Salt Sundaze Brunch – for some quality time with family.

Bento Boxes

For days that are about deadlines and no-breaks, the hotel’s Bento Boxes will keep you going. Build your own bento lunch box from a range of cuisines, or let the chef bring you his absolute best. The food speaks for itself, while you carry on uninterrupted.


When you’re done for the day and need some downtime, head to our state-of-the-art Fitness Centre for a solid workout, or go on one of the curated GReaT Chennai Trails. Walk, explore, unlock the city’s stories. Learn about architecture, music, food, retail, literature or cinema – whatever catches your fancy!

Oh and tell all your friends to weigh themselves before they check-in, for there are some fabulous discounts for people with a passion for fitness. Pay By Weight at the Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai. Then join us on our No Bin drive – our initiative to reduce food waste.

Find your #Good Addiction this December! Call 044 2231 0101.


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