A Salute To The Spirit Of Chennai

This time last year, Chennai was recovering from the aftermath of the devastating historic flood. The city witnessed tremendous rainfall, overflowing reservoirs, and then unprecedented flooding. As many parts of the city began to be marooned, our hearts sank. We were hurting for the people affected most, we were hurting for the loss of lives, we were hurting for our beloved city.

But they say humanity shines its brightest on the darkest of days. When Chennai needed them most, its citizens rose to rescue and rehabilitate. People from all walks of life came together to offer everything they had to get the city back on its feet again.

We learned a lot that week – perseverance, patience, benevolence. But most of all, we were deeply moved by the spirit of Chennai and its ever-giving people. It inspired us to keep going and emerge stronger too.

The then GRT Grand Chennai was severely damaged with 24 feet of water flooding our basements. We decided to shut for four months and reopen after repairs, renovations and refurbishing. The new Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels opened in April 2016.

At all three of our Chennai properties (Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels, Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai, Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay Mamallapuram), we kept our kitchens running and did everything we could to keep a suffering city afloat. We distributed food to the severely affected people, organised a medical camp, and accommodated as many stranded guests as we could. We couldn’t have asked for more support from our teams, guests, and various partners!

It’s painful to think back to the devastating time, but it’s also a reminder of the boundless kindness and love that runs through the fabric of Chennai’s society. Stay just as you are, Chennai!

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