4 Things You Should Do When You Travel To A Hill Station

There’s very little city folk look forward to as much as a trip to a hill station. South India has its fair share of serene hill-scapes, and we recommend you fill every long weekend with a trip to one of these gorgeous stations, whether summer or winter.

Hear us, for we have some sound advice, from decades of creating unforgettable experiences for travellers, with the forever promise of more.

When you go to a hill station, here are a few things you should do apart from all the popular tourist spots.


Just breathe. We don’t do enough of that in the city. Open up your lungs and let the fresh air fill them with the goodness of the hills.  Step outside and inhale the crisp scent of freshly cut grass, the dew, the wild flowers and the rich earth. Believe us when we say you’ll miss it when you’re back in the city!

2. Dig your toes into the grass

Go gaga over grass at a hill station. Walk barefoot on fresh green grass, dance around like the Von Trapp children or simply lounge to take in the sunshine. Remember to take a new book to read on the grass too. We can’t say it enough – the greenery soothes all your senses.

3.Go on a trek

The hills are complex ecosystems that need to be experienced first-hand. Speak to the locals/your hotel concierge to find the popular trekking tracks. If you’re feeling adventurous and have an in-built sense of direction, venture out on your own. Say hello to butterflies and bugs, discover new fruits and spices, and explore nests, burrows, caves and everything else in nature’s bounty!

4.Explore local fauna

Despite their notorious reputation, it’s not just monkeys that inhabit the hills. Explore local fauna like bison, wild goats and elephants through treks, or ask the residents to direct you to a farm. You’ll find docile goats, cows, ducks, chicken, horses and donkeys among other farm animals. You will notice that the cats and dogs are a lot healthier than their city counterparts as well. If you’re not too keen on beasts, go bird-watching or learn about local aquatic life.

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