3 Unexpectedly Delightful Weekend Breaks From Chennai

In a life that’s chock-a-block with daily chores, work deadlines, homework, classes, and a race to tick things off numerous to-do list, Friday evenings come as a craved blessing. Sure, getting away from routine breaks monotony, and gives you the motivation to face Monday again. But the traveller in you wants more, doesn’t it.

Bored of hitting the same places for your weekend getaways? We’ve compiled three unexpectedly delightful ideas for your next break.


Drive down the National Highway for 3 hours to reach the city of Vellore. Renowned for its fine health care and religious structures, Vellore has been ruled by the Chola, Rashtrakuta and Vijayanagara Empires. It is little wonder that it is brimming with destinations for history buffs and culture enthusiasts.

What better way to spend a weekend exploring the stunning Vellore Fort, than while staying at a cosy hotel that caters to your every travel whim. This structure has so much to offer – architectural splendour complete with deep moats and legendary secret tunnels, historic changes of power, imprisonment of Tipu Sultan’s family, massacres of Kings, and mutinies against the British. Most amazingly, the complex houses a Church, a Mosque and a Temple.

Check out priceless exhibits at the Government Museum, say hello to animals at the zoo, relax at the numerous parks or visit the golden temple.

We can’t wait to plan your stay and show you around! Go on and book an exciting weekend package at GRT Regency Sameera, Vellore.


A 2 hour drive from Chennai, Tiruttani is most famous for its hilltop Murugan temple. Visit between July-August to be part of the Aadi festival, and on New Year’s Eve to witness a vibrant display of faith and culture.

The town is peppered with shrines big and small that host plenty of weddings through the year, best experienced by walking the streets. If you have an extra day, visit the local visiri (coloured fans handmade with leaves) makers.

Make the best of the town relaxed and free from wary lodges, at the GRT Regency, Tiruttani. Let us take care of all your travel and food needs, and plan your social functions for you!


Gone are the days when you went to Kanchipuram to buy silk sarees, and found yourself rushing to make it back to the city in time. Once the capital of the mighty Pallava dynasty, Kanchipuram houses over 1,000 temples! Marvel at the Dravidan architecture, be stumped by craftsmanship that carved and niched through tough sandstone, visit the local silk weavers, or take a day trip to Vedanthangal to observe migratory birds.

Do all this and more while you stay at the GRT Regency, Kanchipuram, dining on fabulous food, taking advantage of our super-ninja tour organising skills, and experiencing the best of GRT’s service!

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