The Perfect Road Trip Stopover – Vellore

Those who are fans of road trips know that driving gives you a joy no other type of travel can. It gives you complete control of your time, lets you take a detour and explore a new destination, helps you bond with your travel buddy, and brings out the uninhibited singer in you.

Frequent travellers between Chennai and Bangalore will tell you stories about traffic, toll gates, good highways, and changing landscapes between the two states.

But one of the most important elements that make a road trip enjoyable is the food breaks. Driving from one place to another anywhere in India means that you can stop off and explore lots of authentic local cuisine, which can change with every town you cross!.

Between Chennai and Bangalore, Vellore is a good spot to take a quick break, or even a longer one if you’re in the mood to explore the town.

Apart from its many temples, the Vellore Fort also stands as a fortified example of the region’s rich history. Passed on from kingdom to kingdom and finally to the British, the fort offers a great view into the past. Make sure you visit if you have the time!

And then for some nutrition, head on over to the Regency Sameera Vellore by GRT Hotels, the best hotel in Vellore. Located on the NH46 Chennai-Bangalore highway, the hotel houses Gingee – a multi-cuisine restaurant offering loads of choice and great value for money.

The Gingee restaurant offers a lavish lunch buffet spread that includes soups, breads, salads, juices, starters, chaats, street food from around the world, Indian, Asian and continental main course, and a heavenly dessert counter.

You can also choose to order a-la-carte from the newly launched street food menu that has been designed to include the best of street food from around the world.







To stop over and take advantage of the exciting food, call the Gingee restaurant on 0416 – 220 6466, or simply drop into the hotel located at No. 145, Green Circle, New By-pass Road, Vellore.

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