Planning The Perfect Wedding Menu

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting things we do in our lives. We’ve all dreamed of the perfect wedding, in the perfect venue, with all the perfect people we love.

So much needs doing before a wedding – finding the right venue, figuring out invitation cards, photographers, outfits, guest lists, events, décor! But the most important part of any wedding, without doubt, is the food. Everybody remembers a wedding that served incredible food.

At GRT Hotels & Resorts, we’ve been planning weddings for decades. We’ve seen them all – indoor, outdoor, small, big, traditional, modern. Over the years, our teams have lent their expertise to many a happy bride and groom.

All our hotels have dedicated wedding planning experts, who will give their all to ensure your incredible events are just as you envisioned them. Our chefs have planned thousands of wedding menus across our locations, so who better to give us some insight into how to plan the perfect wedding menu?

We caught up with the Corporate Chef at GRT Hotels & Resort – Sheetharaman Prasad who has some golden advice!

Understand Your Guests

Start by making a guest list and knowing how many people are coming to your event. Think about what the majority of them like. What kind of cuisine would they prefer? Would they appreciate a live chaat counter, or an interactive dessert counter? Or perhaps some interesting mocktails!

Pick Your Venue and Theme

“We’ve worked on some unique themes at our resorts in Mamallapuram and Yercaud,” says the chef. The properties offer stunning locations for weddings and related events. Sangeet in the grand ballroom, wedding ceremony by the beach, cocktail party on the lawn – we have it all.

“The hosts can plan a different experience for every meal. A chocolate themed hi-tea has been a favourite. We can make a range of chocolate themed desserts and short-eats, served with flavoured teas and coffees. For lunch, they can choose a traditional ela sapaad served on banana leaves, and go on to have a buffet spread for dinner which offers a mix of Indian and continental dishes.”

The Chef says young people are experimental nowadays and want their guests to have unique dining experiences. “Our guests really value experiences over things. We’ve seen a shift in demands for wedding menus. Our teams plan in a way that guests have a new experience each time, and the dishes are not repeated.”

Choosing Cuisines and Serving Styles

“Another thing the host needs to think about is what style of serving they’d like. Sit-down service works with round-table seating and if there’s an event where guests have to sit and watch something. They can also look at table service for starters and soups, followed by a buffet.”

If you’ve got family dance performances, pass-around snacks and beverages are a great idea. Thalis also work very well with guests who like a particular cuisine. Rajasthani thalis are very popular at the themed weddings some of the properties have hosted.

The chef’s advice is to go local and seasonal. Getting married during mango season? Bring on the mango lassis! He also says it’s a good idea to mix cuisines up a bit. So if you’re a big fan of Mexican, mix up the enchiladas with some Indian favourites on the buffet too.

Key Takeaways

Choose your menus and serving styles based on the length of each event. If you’re planning a leisurely brunch, have a buffet spread with plenty of live counters, so guests have the time to interact with the chefs and the food. If you’re looking at a short event, serve a lovely welcome drink and head straight to an all-encompassing buffet.

For any event, discuss a live counter. Teas, desserts, pastas, grills, biriyanis – the list is bound only by your imagination!

Pay attention to the desserts, your guests will remember them.

Include a range of cocktails or mocktails in different flavours – they add colour and excitement.

Think about barmen, mixologists, interactive chefs. The hotels can even fly expert chefs down for you from Lucknow, Hyderabad, or any place whose cuisine you fancy.

Most importantly, sit down with the wedding banquet planner at the hotel, as well as the chef to talk to them about your ideas. The teams will be able to give you a clear picture of what can be done, and even have loads of interesting suggestions up their sleeve.

Speak to our teams for assistance in selecting your venue and planning your wedding events.

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