Our Vellore Hotel Launches New Street Food Menu

What do you do when you feel a bit blue? Our first instinct is to head to the kitchen to find something comforting to eat. Eating what you like makes you happy, and can often help ease a bad mood. That’s why it’s called comfort food – because it reminds you of when you were so comfortable and joyful, nothing could bring you down.

A lot of comfort food around the world is derived from street food – tangy, spicy, crispy, sweet, oh so delicious.

In this spirit, the Regency Sameera Vellore by GRT Hotels has launched a brand new street food inspired menu at Gingee, the multi-cuisine restaurant. We were excited about what it had in store, so headed over to the restaurant to take a look!

The new a-la-carte menu features the best of street food from around the world – soups, starters, snacks, paninis and wraps, local cuisine, Indo-Chinese dishes, curries, breads and desserts.

The menu has been designed to offer a hand-picked selection that gives guests the opportunity to experience interesting street food from different regions of the world. We began with the garden fresh green salad with chickpeas and raw mango, moved on to barbecue chicken wings and Mexican street nachos served with delicious cheese sauce, and continued on to the samurai chicken panini.

Then a pizza craving hit us. The chef surprised us with an unexpected desi twist on this Italian favourite – out came the house special naan-pizza, and an innovative dosa pizza! Sure enough, the Mysore Masala Dosa was topped with pizza toppings and seasonings, and finished off with mozzarella cheese. How did he bake this, we asked. Easy, he replied. The cheese was melted under the heat of the kitchen salamander. Clever!

Other treats on the menu include seafood delights like bay fish fingers and coromandel black pepper prawns, snacks like dhaba samosa with chana and Mumbai gali pav bhaaji, Asian favourites like Singapore satay and crispy chicken wonton, as well as an extensive range of Indian and local dishes too.

Guests can finish off a fantastic meal with exciting desserts like pasha pandhini kesari, moong dal strudel and Arcot makkan peda with vanilla ice cream among others.

The team of chefs has worked to cater to a range of palates, and the dishes are presented in interesting, interactive styles. From fresh fruit juice served in a light-bulb glass to deconstructed burgers, the menu has it all!

The new menu will be served for lunch and dinner every day from 12:00 to 3:30 pm and from 7:00 to 11:00 pm.

For more details and reservations, call the hotel on 0416 – 220 6466.

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